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There are two types of dentures: full and partial. These devices are very common and they are also among the most inexpensive solutions when it comes to replacing missing teeth. In addition to replacing your natural teeth, dentures will also provide excellent support for your lips and cheeks if fitted properly. Fortunately, dental professionals are able to customize dentures to the finest detail to assure that your mouth feels comfortable and any gum discomfort is prevented or greatly minimized.

Having comfortable dentures is a must with respect to proper nutrition intake. There are many examples of people with poorly fitting dentures becoming malnourished due to a reluctance to eat to avoid gum pain. Lack of proper nutrition leads to a variety of unwanted medical complications, which can be devastating if the malnourished person already suffers from co-morbid conditions. Make sure you communicate with your dentist and convey your needs very clearly once you have tried your new dentures in order to help him or her create the best fitting appliance for your unique facial anatomy. To fit the dentures more securely, your dentist will in some cases attach the appliance to dental implants, depending on your specific condition.

If most of your teeth are already missing, it is common to have the remaining teeth extracted if they wouldn’t allow denture placement. After allowing the necessary time for your gums to heal, your dentist will fabricate an immediate denture, which is a temporary appliance to help your gum tissue to recover completely while you are able to eat. In the meantime, your dentist will be working on making the permanent conventional dentures.

With tooth extraction and missing teeth, the gums will naturally recede over time, requiring replacement of your dentures for a more proper fit. Therefore, it is important to keep up with your regular dental examinations.

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