Teeth Whitening

Whiten Your Teeth and Enjoy a Brighter Smile!Teeth whitening is a very common method for smile enhancement if you have brown- or yellow-stained teeth, when the color of your teeth has been affected by certain medications, or simply to mask the effects of the normal wear and tear of tooth enamel. Some people’s teeth have color changes due to excessive fluoridation during childhood. Teeth whitening can be used successfully to correct all these imperfections.

The procedure is appropriate for patients of any age. The brightness of your teeth will be restored, which will of course improve your smile appearance. Whitening is one of the easiest ways to enhance a smile. It is also among the most cost effective solutions, which is primarily why many people choose to try whitening before they venture into anything else. Bleaching will not compromise your teeth or any dental work done in the past.

Some insurance plans such as PPO will cover the cost for professionally done teeth whitening. Your dentist will utilize a mild bleaching agent and dental trays molded to the shape of your teeth.

How Will My Teeth Become Whiter and Brighter?

As soon as you tell your dentist that you’d like to whiten your teeth, he or she will take an impression and design custom made clear trays for you. The trays will be ready within several days. The purpose of the trays is to hold the bleach while it acts on your teeth. You will also receive the bleaching agent. All you need to do is pour the agent into the trays and apply the trays to your teeth every night for about 4 hours. The treatment lasts one to two weeks.

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