Veneers And Lumineers

Porcelain veneers and lumineers are great ways for smile enhancement. However, your cosmetic dentist will suggest one or the other depending on your specific situation as different people have different mouth issues and priorities.

Contemporary cosmetic dentistry utilizes exceptional technology that can accommodate virtually any situation. Using a special type of camera, many dentists will be able to show you the results before they even start working on your smile! Each approach is carefully tailored to a patient’s facial anatomy, needs and smile goals.

Get Amazing Veneers and Lumineers in Dallas!Both types of devices are thin ceramic shells that conveniently bond with the front surfaces of the teeth. Sometimes they can be used instead of dental crowns. In addition, veneers and lumineers give your smile a beautiful yet natural appearance. Choosing correctly one type of cosmetic enhancement over the other is crucial to the final result. Make sure you connect with an experienced dedicated dentist who will be able not only to proper;y assess your mouth and determine the best solution for you, but also to answer all of your questions in a clear and professional manner, so none of your concerns remain unaddressed prior to the smile-enhancement procedure.

There are situations in which neither veneers nor lumineers are the best solution. Your dentist must be able to recognize when this is the case and provide a valid alternative in order to help you bring your smile vision to a full realization at an affordable cost.

When Are Porcelain Veneers the Preferred Solution?

Veneers are generally recommended to people who have crooked teeth or in some cases unstable teeth. A certain degree of preparation, also known as shaping, is indicated for all teeth in order to achieve a proper fit for your custom-designed ceramic shells as well as to get the desired long-lasting result. Veneers are custom-made not only for shape, but also for color purposes.

Veneers can solve several problems at a time, such as:

  • Restoration of chipped, broken or worn teeth.
  • A minimal amount of the natural structure of your teeth is removed.
  • Rectification of teeth if they are too large or too small.
  • Fantastic for closing the spaces between your teeth.
  • Durable and long-lasting (a long-term solution).
  • No more worries about misshapen or discolored teeth.

What about Lumineers?

Lumineers are associated with less pain and hustle as they don’t require too much preparation before application. These devices would be appropriate for you if your teeth don’t need shaping and you just want to correct discolorations or overall color. Lumineers’ popularity has increased dramatically in recent years. A growing number of patients have replaced their dental braces with lumineers, and quite a few cosmetic dentists today will suggest to their patients lumineer use rather than the use of braces.

Many cosmetic dentists in Dallas TX offer free first consultation during which they will discuss with you what your smile goals are and which appliance would best fit your situation.

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